SNAP Challenge: Best Way to Save Money on Food during Unemployment

Food is about nurturing: It not just about physical but emotional nurturing too. Without food, we cannot imagine a life and this is the reason food covers a maximum portion of household expense. It is proven in a study that 18% of the income has spent over food and non-alcoholic drinks. On average, people spend £3200 on groceries and £1600 on restaurants. 

You can imagine that food cost is one of the major everyday expenses. And the biggest challenge is that it is not the constant. One day you may eat more than the previous day. It is quite challenging to control overspending. Though, you can easily manage the cost with proper income source but what will happen if you are unemployed?

For a jobless person, managing day-to-day expenditure becomes a challenge. Nevertheless, you can adjust the other cost but food expense becomes a challenge for you. You can take money help from your close ones OR choose borrowing options such as payday loans for unemployed people from direct lenders in the UK and you can take loan easily from Here, you may get instant funds and use them to manage your food cost.

Wait! Do you really think that in this way you can handle the cost for a long time? It is impossible, you can supervise food-cost but for a small time. It means, that you have to put some extra efforts to cope-up with groceries and food cost. 

You might be wondering for the best way. If you are, then you land in the right place because we have introduced a new technique ‘SNAP Challenge’ that will definitely help you. It may be a new concept to you but you do not have to worry because we have covered all the necessary rules and points in this blog. 

Let’s get started…

SNAP Challenge

It is a bit different type of challenge that will help you to control your spending. At the initial stage, you may face difficulty because you are not habitual of this condition. But believe us, it will totally change your life and with this technique, you can save a large amount. 

Now, let’s see what the rule of SNAP challenge is… 

In this, you have to create a budget and name it a SNAP budget. It is different from other types of a financial plan. Here, you have to fix the amount per day. It may be £7 or any other number. It totally depends on you. 

Once you create the plan now follow the below-mentioned steps:

Rules to follow

  • Follow your spending 

Keep track how much you have spent on groceries throughout a week. And if you eat food at a restaurant, then you have mentioned that too. Whatever you have spent will reflect on your SNAP BUDGET. 

  • Include the left food

It is quite normal that you may have remaining food before you start this challenge. According to rules, you can have it but remember that you have to pay for it. If you already clear the amount, then it is ok otherwise you have to mention this on your food tracking sheet. 

  • Free food is not allow 

Most of the people get an invitation from their family, relatives or colleagues. It means that you are going to eat free food. But according to the rules, you cannot eat free food. If you do, then you have to cut down that expense. It may seem funny but at the same time difficult. The main motive behind this is to limit the food cost and that is it. 

Challenges you may face during this challenge 

  • Feel difficult to fill the basket with a shoestring budget

This one is the common reason that makes people face a lot of difficulties. The reason is that you had the habit of spending without worrying about the budget. But unemployed means you have to do struggle to cut down the expenses. 

  • Searching for healthy options 

You may face problems to choose the best one in a limited budget. And it is time-consuming too. But it is a small-time pain and will provide you long time pleasure. 

This challenge is applicable for both employed and unemployed person. You may feel uncomfortable but if you really want to save money on food, then you should not back off. Follow the above-mentioned steps and leverage it. 

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